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Banking to eCommerce:

  • Buyer is getting the platform on their Mobile and Internet Banking
  • Onboard merchants of that area
  • Bank is known to buyer and supplier
  • Order placement, Acceptance, Tracking, etc.
  • Provide EMI facility to buyers as per their credit facility calculated as per their data available with the system
  • Target 0% EMI with tie-ups with Manufacturers
  • Credit Limit facility with suppliers using SUPPLY CHAIN Management system
  • Milestone based Payment terms
  • Suppliers will get complete accounting and inventory solution for their work
  • One supplier can connects his buyer to other suppliers and earn margins out of the purchases they make or other products and services

Cross selling in addressable market:

Cross selling in Higher Education Sector

  • PNB has funded over 1,500 educational institutes
  • PNB will approach them to provide eRupaya Cashless Banking where the eRupaya card will also act as Student ID card.
  • PNB will also provide the EduSys ERP to the school. The features and commercials are mentioned below
  • We will go and open Bank Accounts for students and parents and shop keepers. The rates for the same will be same as being paid by PNB to their BC for same job.
  • We will provide eRupaya Card to all students
  • We will also approach parents to take loan from PNB for :
    • Fees / Dress / Books / Personal Tuitions : loan requirement of around Rs. 1.0 lac payable in 12 EMI’s.
    • Games
    • Electronic goods
    • Household goods

Vendor Management

Product Dashboard

Under the “Products” menu, there are three options that include:

Add Products – The seller/vendor can add new products by filling out the form.

My Products List – The vendor can view the entire list of all the existing products

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor can access “Vendor/Marketplace Dashboard” to facilitate easy access to all the features that are available for them.

Order Viewing by Supplier

The vendor can view all the orders that has been placed for his products by clicking on the “Orders” menu. The vendor can view the status of the order – Pending, Processing, and/or Complete.

Managing Orders

By clicking on the “Order” link option under the View column will display the complete details of the corresponding order. The vendor can ship, generate/print invoice, cancel order, and/or send the invoice as email.

Vendor Statement

Clicking on the “Transactions” menu, the vendor can view the statement

eMandi (Agri Portal) Features

Agri Portal will helpful planning and maintaining the Loan Project Plan.

Project control, is a continuous process associate with the overall control of project.

Cost Sheet, that reflects the cost of the items and services required by a farmer in particular loan plan project.

Establish objective and define item, service & budget requirement.

Provide the Cash flow that when farmer want amount.

Provide the P&L that what will be total expenses and what will be expected income.

Activity allocation and monitoring accordingly .

All activity/task will be reviewed by Agent/Mentor.

Agri portal provide the facility in monitoring that loan amount should be use in only agriculture activities not in personal use as loan amount is not credited in farmer account it is credited in supplier account.

Agri Portal provide a platform for Suppliers and Crop Buyers where they can sell and buy the agri inputs/outputs.

Provide facility for Loan Plan review .

Powerful Reporting for project planning, control & monitoring.

Benefit to Farmer

Get project plan prepared for loan, and other services in time causes efficiency in delivery of services.

Availability of Credit Limits to farmers for different services.

Availability fertilizers, pesticide’s & seeds at low cost.

Timely available Services.

Eliminate the Middle Men.

Increase the farmer Income by increase their yield and revenue his knowledge through Agri Portal.

Farmers gets the facility of insurance which provide protection to the notified crops.

Farmers will receive timely information, information on weather conditions and crop diseases and can get advice on how to better deal with the issues, which they can also share with the community.

Cold Storage / Warehouse’s available in low cost and on time.

Get subsidy on time.

End-results: Services and commodities on affordable price, within time and Increase Farmer Happiness.

Benefit to Bank

Proper utilization of Funds. Agricultural loans are used to purchase defined agro-inputs/ services avoiding diversion of funds

Better business planning by farmers with more data and accurate projections through elimination of middle men.

Increasing accuracy of the amount of credit required, and the probability of repayment, treating farmers as micro-entrepreneurs and analysing business risk as well as individual risk.

Avoid duplication of securities for loans

Eliminate or significantly reduce leakage at field level (over-leverage, fraud and corruption) by increased transparency across the board.

Real-time monitoring of crops will enable the bank to mitigate risks or plan for the same increasing viability of their agricultural loan portfolio.

End-results: better funds deployment, reduced default, better forecasting.