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NSCSPL Fixed Asset Management

    Feature List

    Category Creation

    Group and its attribute definition

    Product Creation (Identifiable and non-Identifiable)

    Supplier Onboarding

    Supplier and product Mapping

    Define Depreciation Methods

    Requisition of assets

    Purchase order creation

    Purchase challan entry

    Purchase Invoice entry

    Transfer of assets

    Expense Invoice

    Sale of items/products

    Depreciation Calculation for fixed assets

    Valuation of assets (Land and Buildings, etc.)

    Feature List – Category Creation

    To categorize the items/products on broad level eg. Hardware, Software, Furniture Fixture, Land, Building etc.

    Feature List – Group and its attribute definition

    • To further categorize and define the attributes of items/products. Attributes can be of two types
      • Description type: These will be used at the time of item / Product creation.
      • Unique Value type: These will be used at the time of item purchase or sale. Also these can be used for filter/search operations.

    Feature List – Supplier and product Mapping

    From this option supplier and products get mapped along with the sale price, delivery days etc.

    Feature List – Depreciation Methods

    From this option different types of depreciation methods can be define.

    Feature List – Requisition of assets

    From this option different branch offices can raise request for assets requirement

    Feature List – Purchase Order entry

    From this option purchase order will be created

    Feature List – Purchase Challan entry

    From this option purchase challan will be entered and stock of the item gets updated

    Feature List – Purchase Invoice entry

    From this option purchase invoice will be entered and it will update the stock as well as accounting entries will get passed in the system.

    Feature List – Transfer of assets

    From this option stocked assets can be transferred to other branches along with accounting entries.

    Feature List – Sale of items/products

    From this option Items will be sold to the end consumer and stock will be updated at the same time