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    NKSS – NSCS Kisan Subvention System

    Integration requirements of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) & interest subvention scheme (ISS) portal with
    • Core banking solution (CBS)
    • Middleware of banks
    Provided for API
    • schema design
    • sample payload
    • API request & responses between KCC-ISS portal and CBS/Middleware of the Banks.

    Connections Link

    KCC ISS Portal (

    For API see above link

    KCC-ISS : Objective

    Electronically transfer the data of KCC borrowers

    Applicable interest subvention maintained by the banks

    Specify their preferred mode of data sharing per financial year

    Modes of sharing of data

    • End-to-end electronic mode
    • Hybrid entry mode
    • Manual entry mode

    End to End electronic mode

    Project Structure:

    NKSS : Bank Data

    Part 1 (Mandatory)

    • Farmer Details – Land Details
    • Basic Details
    • Residential Details
    • Account Details

    Part 2: Loan Detail

    • Loan detail
    • Activities
    • Transactions

    Part-3 Sender will submit a set of applications

    Bank will generate the unique batch id It must be unique across the age Batch Ack Id (14 digits): DDMMYY (6 digit) + 8 digit running number

    Get data by batch Ack id

    1 – Success (For success applications, recipient’s & sender’s unique ids, Batch id and Batch ack id shall be returned)

    0 – Failure (here, reason for failure is displayed with batch id, batch ack id, sender’s unique id)

    Data Encryption

    Encryption of payload data (content inside data node)

    Content inside data node of payload must be encrypted by AES with following algorithm

    The algorithm required two keys as mentioned below:

    • Encryption and decryption
    • Key (AES 256 CBC) = Text format = Hex Encryption and decryption
    • IV = 9493508806CXXXXXX
    • authToken = the authentication key generated by KCC-ISS portal
    • Encryption and decryption Key (AES 256 CBC),
    • Encryption and decryption IV can be generated and changed at any point of time by the Bank HO admin through its KCC-ISS portal login.

    User Operations

    Login with username /password and mobile number with OTP validations and captcha

    Dashboard as Home page

    User Dashboard

    Application Data

    View Data

    Development Phases

    Background API development and integration

    On UI Data display and Integration
    Bank Data Pick and Display

    User Modes of Login

    • Only nKSS
    • Bank SSO

    Major Modules

    • Bank to Middleware
    • Middleware to Govt
    • Govt to Middleware
    • Middleware to Bank
    • Manual Login
    • Data View
    • Data Correction & Upload Again


    Data Successful

    Incomplete Data

    Pending Data

    Incorrect Data

    Revised Data

    Data Counts

    Batch Count

    Day Count

    Application Summary



    User Wise