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    Project Methodology

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    Design and Development Approach

    values are our strength

    why outsource?

    No staff commitments

    You don’t need to employ a development team in-house.

    No lengthy recruitment process

    No need to go through the time intensive recruitment process.

    Immediate engagement

    Very short lead times to get projects kicked off quickly.

    Access to multiple skills and technologies

    Comprehensive offering covering web, mobile and server technologies.

    Ability to stop/start the project

    Flexibility to roll resources on and off the project easily.

    Minimal investment and risk

    Staggered booking and payments.

    Professional project approach

    Comprehensive online project management system backed up by rigorous methodical processes.

    Canada Based Company

    Although the work is provided by our fellow employees at the Development Centers in India, we are a Canada registered and based company with all usual advantages.

    outsourcing concerns

    Rights to the Code

    All the code both on the server and on the site are assigned to you.

    Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

    We not only have NDAs in place with our clients, but our staff too – ensuring you complete confidentiality.


    We have a system of checks and balances in place to ensure the utmost security.

    Communicating with an offshore partner

    All our employees have superior written and verbal English and clients are invited to join our comprehensive online project management tool.

    Nearshore or Offshore?

    Several factors need to be considered:

    Key Factors

    Time Zone Difference
    Cultural Alignment
    English Communication
    Expertise & Skills





    Blended Approach Blended Approach

    We have the capacity to provide a blend of onshore and offshore resources to suit your development needs.

    services offered



    With our own project management system as a starting point we can utilize those skills in developing a viable and easy to use product.


    Extensive experience around latest solutions integrating APIs,Feeds around different Financial Systems viz Payroll, PaymentGateway etc


    Learning Management Systems are one of our niche areas. Either off the shelf configurations or a custom built from scratch.


    We are building eCommerce sites every day, either using Magento CMS or built from scratch using PHP or ASP.Net technology


    With over ten years experience and knowledge to draw upon we can implement and customize an off the shelf solution or build from scratch and assign full IPR.


    Unrivalled knowledge of the technologies behind the popular Content Management Systems we can improve and extend their functionalities and features.


    Our industry certifications mean increased peace of mind


    Specific pre-built solutions for different industries

    e-Hr – Human Resource Management System

    • From Recruitment to Retirement
    • Attendance, Leave, Claim
    • Appraisal, Promotion, Transfer

    – Management Application Processing System (ERP)

    • Budgeting, Fund Flow Management
    • Purchase, Sale, AR and AP
    • Inventory Management, Fixed Asset Management
    • Accounting, Taxation, Rec
    EduSys– Academic Institutes ERP
    • Budgeting, Fund Flow Management
    • Purchase, Sale, AR and AP
    • Inventory Management, Fixed Asset Management
    • Accounting, Taxation, Rec
    CobaSys- Core Banking Solution
    • Deposits and Lending
    • LC, BG, Remittance
    • Lockers etc.
    AMLSys – Anti Money Laundering
    • Data Acquisition
    • Detection
    • Alert Management
    • Case Management
    iSys and mSys – Internet and Mobile Banking
    • Information
    • Transactions
    • Enquiries
    • Opportunity Management
    • Workflow Automation
    • Advanced CRM Analytics
    • Personalised Reports & Dashboards
    Multi Vendor Solutions
    • Multivendor Marketplace plugin available for Magento 2.0 & WordPress
    • Profit from commission or fixed charges
    • Manage commission from sellers easily
    • Inventory & Notification Management
    Quality Assurance (QA) Services –
    • Mobile, web and CMS testing solutions
    • Validation of REST & SOAP APIs
    • Full Compatibility, Interruption, Usability & Security Testing processes

    project methodology

    DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps is fully complementary with Agile Development but goes several steps further.

    DevOps spans the entire delivery pipeline to shorten
    timeframes and increase quality:

    • Improved deployment frequency
    • Faster time to market
    • Much lower failure rate of new releases due to greater integration with all areas of the business
    • Shortened lead time between fixes & releases
    1. Plan
    2. Code
    3. Build
    4. Test
    5. Release
    6. Deploy
    7. Operate
    8. Monitor
    The Agile Manifesto of Software Development put forth a groundbreaking mindset on delivering value and collaborating with customers.
    Agile’s four main values are expressed as:
    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    • Working software over comprehensive documentation
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Responding to change over following a plan
    • Phases of Agile Methodology includes:
    1. Design
    2. Build
    3. Testing
    4. Evaluation
    5. Planning and Requirements Analysis
    Scrum Agile
    Scrum is the most popular Agile development framework because it is relatively simple to implement. It also solves a lot of problems that software developers have struggled with in the past, such as convoluted development cycles, inflexible project plans and delayed production.
    • Scrum is a sub group of Agile.
    • Scrum process consists of Planning, Sprint cycle and Closure.
    • Scrum is based on the principles and values of The Agile Manifesto.
    • Responding to change over following a plan
    • Scrum has three roles:
    1. Product Owner
    2. Scrum Master
    3. Team

    work as a cmmi company

    What our CMMI working means for you:
    Improved Quality:
    • Smart supplier management ensures quality results
    • Strategic people management empowers Team Members to develop skills that will help the organisation
    Decreased Costs and Enhanced Productivity:
    • Streamlined processes allow Teams to integrate and collaborate more efficiently
    • Standardised project management practices reduce redundancy and waste
    • Identifying skill gaps helps break down any workflow bottlenecks
    Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • Service delivery strategies strengthen weak customer touch points
    • Effective product development instils customer confidence
    • Project management practices help teams meet and manage customer expectations
    Improved On-Time Delivery
    • Field-tested project management standards keep work on schedule
    • Transparent development processes reduce scope creep and deadline extensions
    • Careful vendor management mitigates supplier delays

    design and development approach

    Onshore-Led Team

    Local PM
    Fully integrated & connected Team led by industry professional

    Experienced Project Manager

    Team can comprise of:

    • Technical Lead
    • Business Analyst
    • Front end Developer
    • Back end Developer
    • Designer
    • Quality Analyst

    Offshore-Led Team

    PM from India Development Centre
    Ad-hoc ‘Bucket’ of hours on account

    Experienced Project Manager

    Team can comprise of:

    • Technical Lead
    • Business Analyst
    • Front end Developer
    • Back end Developer
    • Designer
    • Quality Analyst

    Maintenance & Updates

    Ad-hoc ‘Bucket’ of hours on account
    • Stockpile of development
    • hours
    • Low response times
    • Flexible Service
    • Cost effective support
    • Regular maintenance

    Start-Up, Scale-Up & Mature

    Start-Up Solutions
    Here at Team In India we believe in making any business concept a reality. We understand how hard it is to grow an established business from our own experiences, that’s why we’re hugely passionate about lending a helping hand to start-up business. With our extensive expertise and technical capabilities, we feel confident that we can help any business make a significant impact in the digital world.

    Experienced Project Manager

    Team can comprise of:

    • Business Analysis
    • Strategy Planning
    • Mobile App Development
    • Web Apps Development
    • Cloud Based Solution
    • SEO / Digital Marketing

    hosting & server management

    Enterprise Managed Services
    • 24x7x365 Always up and Working
    • Global Support and Cloud Solutions
    • Extended IT Support
    • Information Security Management System
    • Quality Management Systems
    From gigantic to a miniscule requirement, our solutions always deliver the desired results.