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Welcome to Natural Group’s Java Development Services, where we harness the power of Java to transform your business. With our team of skilled Java developers, we deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From enterprise-grade applications to scalable web platforms, trust us to leverage Java’s versatility and reliability for your digital success.

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    Customized Java development engagement models that optimize resource allocation and meet the demands of your project.

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    Empowering Your Business with Custom Java Solutions

    Unlock the full potential of Java with our comprehensive range of development services. From expert consulting and architecture to mobile and cloud-based solutions, we deliver custom Java development services that cater to your unique business needs and drive growth.

    Victories We've Achieved Together

    Discover the outstanding accomplishments and Victories we've achieved in partnership with our clients by reading our enthralling success stories.

    Java Migration for Robotic Process Automation

    Waverley engineers helped the leader in robotic process automation to fully move a .NET-based product into Java while expanding functionality.

    Jibo: Server-side and Java Mobile Development for a Robot

    For a client in Social Robotics, we developed cloud-based server-side and native applications to enable user integration with the robot, paying specific attention to security and data protection.

    Comprehensive Software Development Solutions

    Unlocking limitless possibilities with our diverse range of software development services.

    Advanced Web App Development
    Utilise cutting-edge development solutions that are specific to your company's requirements to fully realize the promise of web apps.
    Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation
    Accelerate your business growth through comprehensive software development solutions that drive enterprise digital transformation.
    Streamlined Application Maintenance Solutions
    Ensuring seamless performance and functionality through efficient application maintenance services.

    Client Success Stories

    We hereby confirm that Natural Group have provided our bank with an AML Solution.Read More…

    The Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Ltd

    We hereby confirm that Natural Group have provided our bank with an AML Solution. Read More…

    The Janta Co-operative Bank LTD.

    We hereby confirm that Natural Group have provided our bank with an AML Solution. Read More…

    Malviya Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.

    Java Development Experts at Natural

    With the help of our passionate Java experts, who consistently offer quality and innovation, you can realize the full potential of your projects.

    Securing Java Development Excellence

    Enhancing your Java development projects with robust security measures, ensuring peace of mind, and safeguarding your applications.

    Vast Java Development Talent

    Our Java programming team is made up of a large talent pool that is skilled at creating extraordinary solutions and unleashing the power of knowledge.

    Tailored Java Development Solutions

    Making custom Java solutions that satisfy your particular requirements and go above and beyond your expectations.

    Java Tech Experts Unleashed

    With the help of our skilled experts, you can harness the power of Java technology and produce top-notch code in every line.

    Important FAQs

    The process of developing systems, software, and applications utilising the Java programming language is referred to as Java development. Due to its platform independence, robustness, scalability, and vast libraries, it is crucial for companies since it makes it possible to design safe, high-performing systems that are affordable and meet a variety of business demands.
    The Java programming language is a popular option for software development since it provides a wide range of essential capabilities and benefits. Here are a few of its standout characteristics:

    • Platform Independence: Java programs are more portable since they can operate on any platform using a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
    • Object-Oriented: Java adheres to the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm, which encourages modular and reusable code.
    • Automatic Memory Management: Java employs automated garbage collection, which relieves developers of the need to do manual memory management operations.
    • Robustness: Java programs are made resilient by features like runtime error detection, powerful type checking, and built-in exception handling.
    • Security: Java has security features like a sandbox environment and cryptography APIs built right in.
    At Natural Group, we provide a wide variety of Java development services that are adapted to satisfy various company demands. Our knowledge ranges from:

    • Full-stack Java development
    • Custom Java application development
    • Java web development
    • Enterprise Java solutions
    • Java mobile app development
    • Java framework customization
    • Java integration and migration
    • Java software maintenance and support
    • Java testing and quality assurance
    With 18 years of vast expertise, our Java programming team offers outstanding solutions. Projects of note include:

    • Core Banking System for prestigious banks
    • CRM, Internet, and Mobile Banking solutions
    • Financial inclusion initiatives for the Central Bank of India
    • Bilingual software for Punjab National Bank
    • eMAPS Solution for Prasar Bharati and GSTIN
    At Natural Group, we use a wide range of frameworks and technologies to improve Java development, assuring effective and reliable solutions. Our toolbox consists of:

    • Spring Framework
    • Hibernate
    • Apache Struts
    • Apache Maven
    • Eclipse IDE
    • IntelliJ IDEA
    • Git
    • JUnit
    • Jenkins
    • Docker
    Yes, Natural Group provides thorough continuous maintenance and support services for Java applications to ensure their durability and smooth functioning. Our offerings consist of:

    • Regular updates and bug fixes
    • Performance monitoring and optimization
    • Security enhancements and vulnerability management
    • Technical support and troubleshooting
    • Scalability and capacity planning.

    Java Technology Expertise: Certified Engineers

    With our qualified experts that are knowledgeable in a range of Java technologies, you can unleash the potential of Java.

    Web Technology
    JSP , Servlet , HTML5 , jquery, Ajax ,Java Script, Applet etc
    Enterprise Application
    Struts , Spring , EJB , hibernate
    Web services
    SOAP (Axis) , REST(Jersey, Jax-RS ) ,JAXB
    Web Server
    Apache , IIS
    Application server
    Jboss (4.x.x, 7.1 , wildfly 9.1.x), Weblogic, webSphare
    Messaging Technologies
    RabbitMQ, Active MQ, JBOSS JMS, MSMQ , IBM MQ Series

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