Game Development Studio

Game development company. Dotsquares has the best game developers in the industry. Their creativity and technical skills formulate the perfect blend needed for the development of highly engaging games.

Inventive Studio – Mobile Game Development Company by Dotsquares
Gaming is an incredibly popular industry. Whether it be for entertainment purposes or e-learning platforms, this sector is truly changing the mind-set of how the world reacts to games. This growing billion pound business reaches further than the traditional games console, and is now used as an alternative money making scheme for several businesses, available via mobile apps and the web. However game development isn’t the simplest of tasks, and developing distinctive and unforgettable games needs technical experience.

Here at Dotsquares our game developers and artists use platforms like Unity, Maya, Cocos2D, Unreal, ARKit, Creature, Puppet 2D, Spine 2D, Maya, Max and many other industry-leading tools to create the best gaming experience.

We are a full-service game development company for all of your core game parts, be it iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web, or Smart TVs. We thrive on helping our clients turn their inventive concepts into games, whilst taking away all the hurdles that present themselves during development. Visit Inventive Studio to know more about our services in game and animation industry.

AR Game Development

With AR game development, having a partner is way more profitable a deal than having a development service provider. As a true partner, we will not only create the desired code for you but will also guide you through each phase of development, ranging from idea conceptualisation to post-deployment support. With years of experience and a pool of highly-skilled game specialists, we can offer you all the related services sans hassle.

VR Game Development

Virtual Reality is one of the most advanced technical advancement that is yet to see its complete potential. As a dedicated VR game development company, Dotsquares understands how groundbreaking this technology can be in not just games but also in varied other spheres. This is why we have on our team, some highly skilled VR developers, exclusively skilled with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and other prominent VR devices.


Game development is completely different compared to traditional app development because it compels you to combine technology, imagination, talent and creativeness to generate best user experience. As we initiate the development process we create a transparent strategy from your individual needs and specifications, to make sure that take your game is designed to the finest quality.


  • Core and casual game designing

  • 2D and 3D game engine programming, development and modification

  • Edutainment – entertainment plus education – apps

  • Educational gaming apps

  • Simulation oriented game development

  • Artificial Intelligence solutions for NPCs and other game-specific modules

  • Seamless integration of advanced gaming features and game porting

  • Scientific or physics oriented game designing and development

  • Social media games and integration of social media with games

  • Theme and game assets designing