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    We are one of the leading companies in the field of education and technology. We provide effective learning and working experience to stakeholders for a quality outcome. We use the power of technology to assist Educators and Learners to achieve great success by igniting the minds of our Digital Natives.

    We enable educators to integrate the right technology, make teaching and learning more interactive and collaborative that addresses the 360-degree aspects of learning.


    Extending the search of learning activities


    Expanding Information Sources


    Extending opportunity for monitoring and assessment


    Extend the opportunity for deeper approach for learning


    Extending the opportunity for interaction and collaboration

    About EduSys

    Multi-dimensional challenges emerge for Institution's

    Purpose of learning, discovered

    Future in Cloud

    No major investment needed

    Being a cloud-based model, our Clients do not require to invest On servers, firewall and other Software. Hence reduces Cost of ownership by many Times.

    Robust and Scalable

    Most ERP when implemented, despite Claims can support a few logins. As Data and no. of users increase, more Investment for server is needed. Our System allows unlimited usage Leveraging advantage of cloud.

    100% uptime and backup

    Unlike on-premise software, our Software doesn’t get disrupted By barring monthly maintenance Scheduled at convenient times Hence a hassle free usage with monthly encrypted backups.

    Robust and Scalable

    We take pride in our Service network and compatibilities. Our service cost includes license fee, implementation cost, online Support cost, And data migration cost.

    Platform is Powered With

    Joyful Journey from Admission to Alumni

    Online Classroom:

    Take your classroom online. Schedule, manage and monitor live sessions and extract automated reports for insights into instructor, content and learner performances. Record your live classes and share with your audience right after the class is over. Increase learner engagement with real- time audio-video and textual communication, online notes, QA with feedback.

    Access to Resources:

    Resources structured in an organized way making it accessible to all users. Courses, multi-media content, e-Books, reference material, live class video, assignment, homework, project, lesson plan etc are accessible in one click.

    Co-Content Creation:

    Upload, Create, Organize and deliver course modules required for the classes. Develop own lesson plan and customize based on the learner's ability.

    Test & Assessments:

    Automate institutions academic activities, conduct tests, create assessment, assignments, projects and evaluation. Widespread questions in different formats. Track users progress regularly through testing and scoring. Gives flexibility to create tests at various level and stages.

    Reports & Analytics:

    Keep track of teaching and learning progress and performance for individuals or group. Regulate academic activities, create Individual / Section / Class and Subject wise analytics.

    Mobile Learning:

    Teachers and Learners can access all learning activities any-time any-where with mobile applications. Institution can regulate and communicate to stakeholders. Parents can track the performance of their wards and interact with teachers and institutions.


    Allow complete personalization for each institution, educator and learner. Use own logo and customize the appearance, adapt the training content structure, methods and analytics to reflect the goals and tailor the system. Also, customize Mobile APP.

    Improved Communication:

    Communication and collaboration between users in a regulated way. Global or individual email, messages, forum, chat, alerts, feedbacks, conferencing. User can find all the important or vital information in just one screen.

    Security & Reliability:

    Controlled access to all users with the highest degree of data security at all ends. We ensure content security and personal/ user information security and the same cannot be accessed by anyone without consent.

    Administrative Functions

    The platform automates the complete administrative and academic functions of the institute from admission to alumni and ensure a process-driven system for a better outcome.


    Processes & activities across the institution

    Reduce paperwork & workload


    Smart technology & devices for organizational data

    Actionable intelligence for informed decision making


    Regulate with real-time information Optimize, structured, collaborate & easy sharing


    Stakeholder across the education ecosystem Management, Staff, Faculties, Parents, Students, Alumni


    This module ensures all your confidential data is safe from unauthorized access.

    EduSys Education Platform

    Artificial Intelligence Enabled Adaptive ‘S-a-a-S’ based educational platform using innovative Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security. For any educational institution our application is a complete application covering entire working processes with around 200 power tools integrated in different working modules.

    EduSys Education Platform

    The sole purpose is to make a system which can be Automated with various institution’s working functionality, Integrated with smart technology and devices, Empower all stake holders with real-time information and engagement.


    Transforming the teaching environment to a truly interactive and collaborative one. orkload


    an outcome driveEngaging personalized learning experience


    Regulate the academic and administrative activities for better outcome

    profile and dashboard

    This module is to create configure dashboard for different stake holders as well as different institutes under the head organization.

    master configuration

    This module is to configure institute’s basic data like: Session, Multiple level Institutes, Subjects/Courses etc.

    EduSys Features

    Making Learning Connected, leveraging interactive online classes to teach better and learn more. EduSys, a digital replica of a traditional classroom empowered by all learning activities and resources

    Live Class:

    High-definition video conferencing, secure live streaming, recording and real-time interaction with students.

    Live Class:

    High-definition video conferencing, secure live streaming, recording and real-time interaction with students.

    Easy-to-use & Administrate:

    Easy launch process and connected to class time table, automatic attendance for teachers and students, define roles and permissions, automated class related reports.


    Configurable recording feature to record and save the classes in the respective topic of the subject and classes for future reference/ reinforcement by user.

    Real-time Collaboration:

    Real-time online collaboration, transfer audio/video control to students, share the screen in real-time

    Attention & Emotion:

    Automatically track the attentions of students and provide option to express the mood and feeling while on conference by changing their status.

    Education, Comes alive

    Addresses a wide spectrum of classroom challenges and enhances the learning experience. A right blend of hardware, multimedia resources, managing software and academic support to facilitate student’s engagement and teachers connect. Transforming the classroom environment into a truly interactive and collaborative one thereby making the learning experience more meaningful & enduring.

    Ensuring, Education Outcome

    Fee and Payment Gateway Facility

    Making Learning Connected, leveraging interactive online classes to teach better and learn more. EduSys, a digital replica of a traditional classroom empowered by all learning activities and resources

    Lesson Plan & CN/HW/Assignment

    Teaching & Learning is an Emotion

    Self-Paced Learning:
    Learner can learn at their own pace, making sure they use all available learning resources and completely understand each concept before moving onto the next one.
    Remedial Learning:
    The adoptive methodology and assessment engine is capable to identify the skill gaps from progress and performance and take them back to the specific segment which requires improvement and revision.
    Blended Learning:
    A combination of instructor-led learning and self-paced personalized learning coupled with wide range of learning activities and resources.
    Sequential Learning:
    To progress chronologically, the platform creates a sequential learning paths for courses and learners.

    Information & Notification

    Employee Management