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ERP is the lifeline for any organization. e-MAPS, provides Budget Management, Fund Management, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase and Sale Management, AR and AP, Taxation (TDS and GST), Bank, Stock and beyond.

    Management Application Processing System

    Budget Management

    Create Budget Heads

    Link Budget to Accounting structure, Overheads and ing

    Budget defining for Opex and Capex

    Budget revisions

    Adhoc Budget

    Inventory Management

    Purchase of inventory / Fixed Asset / Consumables, Invoices for Artist
    Stock Maintenance
    Issue of stock to:

    • Work in Progress
    • Individual staff
    • Project

    Transfer of stock between offices taking care of GST
    Issue of Stock to Fixed Asset:

    • Direct purchase
    • From WIP to FA
    • Put to use of Fixed Asset to initiate Depreciation

    Stock / Fixed Asset to:

    • Dead Stock
    • Scrap
    • Sale of Scrap

    Fund Flow, Taxes and Recon:

    Book your liabilities

    Each Office can raise Fund Request mapped to their Budget and expenses incurred and planned

    Accounts team to assess each requirement and decide on approval of funds

    Approval for payment

    Payment with proper UTR details

    Sale and Receipt Management

    Bank Reconciliation easy and seamless

    GST reconciliation

    Bill to Bill Reconciliation

    Suspense Account Management and Reconciliation

    Sales Management

    Receipt of Order

    Sale Invoice

    Sale Release Note

    Sales Packing Slip

    Billing & Invoicing


    Accounts Receivable

    Finance and Accounts Key Feature

    3 tier Web based Solution with real time on line transactions.

    Built on scalable technology with robust functionality (JAVA) .

    Platform Supported – Unix, Linux, Windows.

    Database Supported – Oracle 11g, MS-SQL , MySQL.

    App servers Supported – JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, WASCE.

    Single DATA BASE for all connected offices.

    MIS generated from Central server with Batch processes running on main database.

    Access is through user login.

    Maker checker concept available.

    User defined access control for Addition/ Modification available i.e. Access Rights.

    Security features:
    • Automatic logout of idle user after specified time available.
    • Minimum password length of 8 characters available.
    • User lock after predefined unsuccessful login attempts.
    • Force password change after predefined periods.
    • System does not accept user id as password.
    • Password is not same as old password

    Master Data Creation- Features

    Master Level Operations

    Master Data Features- General Ledger Masters

    Ability to create General Ledger for various:-
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Income
    • Expenditure
    • Statutory Liabilities.
    Ability to Make the GL inactive to prevent future entries.

    Ability to Locking of transactions Temporary / Permanently.

    Ability to link the GL heads with the budget Centers (Budget Heads).

    Ability to link the GL Heads with the TDS section masters for auto deduction of TDS.

    Component Master and Process Master