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    About US – Natural

    • Natural Group was formed in the year 1995, with a vision to create Software Applications for the Banking sector
    • PNB and Natural:
      • PNB used to market BancMate, Bilingual banking software to other banks and Financial Instituinas along with Natural
      • PNB and Natural jointly developed PNB eRupaya, offline Cashless Banking system successfully tested by Reserve Bank of India in 1st COHORT (Sandbox testing)
      • PNB RRB’s use our her, HRMS solution
      • We monitored Internet and Mobile Banking for PNB for 5 years using Dynatrace APM solution
    • Innovators: Created IPR’s and framework like, CoBaSys, Bilingual methodology e-HR (HRMS), e-MAPS (ERP) etc.
    • Rated amongst top 100 innovative companies by NASSCOM in the year 2007
    • Over three decades of experience of providing Solutions and Project Management across Indian IT industry
    • Experience of successfully managing large eGovernance, BFSI, Telecom, Defense, & Infra projects
    • Specialize in Consulting, Distribution of software products, Systems Integration, customized B2B and Enterprise Software Solutions and Data Processing
    • 15,000 Man Months of Experience, Domain expertise of Core team spans across many verticals
    • Focused on Long-Term Customer Relationships with repeat business of over 85%
    • Empaneled for software development with UIDIA and Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

    CBSL Journey over the years…….

    e-HR modules

    Manpower management

    Human resource inventory / employee management

    Organisation and position management

    Payroll management

    Income tax management

    Leave management

    Attendance management

    Left/ resignation/ retirement management

    Employee Loan Management

    Claim Management including Medical Reimbursement

    Travel and Tour Management

    Promotion, Transfer and Charge Taking

    LFC / LTC

    Assets & Liabilities Management

    Appraisal & performance

    SMS, email and letter management

    Template builder

    Reports with report builder

    Integration with biometric and other devices

    • Ticketing System
      • Raise tickets/requests for various activities,
      • Ticket assignment, and escalation

    e-HR – Human resource inventory

    Capability to maintain personal information

    Name and Address

    Other: Phone no, e-mail ids, Blood group, Gender, Religion, Caste, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Language Known, Driving License Data, National Identification

    Educational Qualification & Work Experience

    Dependent’s Data

    Health Data

    Employee Photo, Signature, Fingerprints

    Passport and Visa Details

    Bank Account Information

    Emergency contact details

    Volunteer Activities etc.

    Employee Category

    Location, Department, Grade/ Cadre

    Job History, Mobility & Transfers

    History of disciplinary action like nature of charge, action taken, resolution process

    LFC Details

    Medical Aid/ Hospitalization Claim details

    e-HR – Manpower planning

    Provision to define requirement plans (periodic) in terms of specific skills, Qualifications, Experience, Designation etc.

    Provision for mainstream, specialist and part time employee recruitment

    Support to analyze the Designation and department-wise staff strength – sanctioned/ working strength and the gap for which recruitment is required

    Facility to capture the data relating resignations/ retirements/ VRS/ Dismissals etc.

    Facility to allow receipt of projected manpower from Zones and Create a finally approved manpower plan

    e-HR – Payroll management

    Multiple payrolls in a single instance

    single central payroll depository / run and access payroll from any location in a centralized or decentralized manner.

    Rule based architecture whereby all the rules, tax updates, country functionalities are built

    Configuration and parameterization of different pay components including facility to add/ modify/ delete components

    Make changes to rules, tax updates etc. without any code programming

    Group individual earning and deductions and link them to employees as per their eligibilities

    Facility to record various types of Pay entities

    Define various types of Pay cycles (normal, off-cycle, bonus etc.) and link them to the corresponding Pay calendars and pay runs

    Define flexible processing frameworks wherein the order of processing various elements of pay can be defined as per the specific rules followed.

    Run separate payrolls for officers and staff depending on the eligibilities and rules applicable for each category

    Support multiple re-runs, if necessary, after resetting, before final payroll generation

    • Define the following at the basic earnings and deductions level:
      • Override levels
      • Configurable calculation type
      • Frequency of payment
      • Rounding off rules

    MTD, QTD, YTD and other period to date options

    Definition of various leave types

    Maintenance of slab-wise details for BASIC, DA, HRA, INCOME-TAX, PROFESSIONAL TAX etc.

    Maintenance of employee-wise deductions to be updated monthly

    Monthly salary payment calculations and generation of related reports, salary slips, deduction lists, vouchers, tax challans etc. (as per the user defined criteria like for a branch/ region/ zone etc.)

    Claims and calculate reimbursement, advances, encashment and allowances, and pay incentive /award

    Pay fixation for all cadres on promotion

    Calculation of income tax as per rate slabs & standing instructions

    Calculation of income tax forecast for each employee based on the employee declaration of savings etc.

    Facility to allow income tax exemption & deductions

    Releases of festival advance and other advances (user defined) against salary. Employee-wise recovery position, recovery list and outstanding balances list – month wise or as user defined

    Support calculation and payment of bonus consequent tax adjustments

    Support calculation of employer contributions to PF including both EPF and FPF part (if applicable)

    e-HR – Leave management

    Leave calendars for different types of leave

    Leave Register

    Provision to maintain all types of leave like CL, PL, ML and sports related, SL – extra ordinary leave, sabbatical leave, special leave etc.

    Ability to maintain rules for leave takes in terms of rules for availing leave, encashing leave, accrual of leaves, lapsing of leaves, ceilings for accumulation of leaves, rules for combination of leave types etc.

    Ability to record actual leaves taken

    Ability to calculate actual leave balance at any point in time,

    Link leave management to payroll and employee history

    Provision to accounting of leave including automatic credit of leave and also provision with manual credit/debit/ modification/ cancellation etc.

    Supports extra-ordinary leave on loss of pay

    Support online application and approval of leaves

    e-HR – Leave management

    prime features

    Reports include different HR Metrics based on different criteria’s

    Define reports by selecting different filters and field options

    Apply user access rights for each report to control the visibility of the report to authorized and senior management only

    Save, Download & print reports

    • Employee specific personal reports:
      • Salary Pay slip
      • Provident fund Report
      • Loan Report
    • Reports are graphically represented on the HR dashboard

    Training management

    Preparation of training calendar

    Track and schedule courses for both in- house and external courses

    Maintain and Track instructors, training facilities, contract bidders, standard equipment required for courses and equipment available at training facilities

    Support to identify training needs from the Performance Appraisal system based on the development areas identified

    Plan and schedule course sessions either in own facilities or at a bidder’s premises

    Bank’s own Training College/ Centers

    Outside Institute within Country

    Provision to check training room and instructor availability online

    Provide for various types of course enrollments viz. employee enrollment, manager enrollments, training needs identification from Performance appraisal system

    Provision to enroll at individual level as well as at group level

    Provision to maintain minimum and maximum number of students per course and create waiting lists if enrollments exceed maximum number of students

    Provision to auto enroll waitlisted students

    Define training courses and group training courses into training programs, which can be linked to jobs.

    Track training requirements for jobs or re-certifications

    Track information about student training

    Capability to maintain training budgets at employee level, department level, senior management level.
    Training feedback

    e-HR –Transfer management

    Facility for automation of transfer process and related workflow with facility to configure rules

    Maintenance of complete history of employee transfers

    Identification of vacancies and preparation of transfer list based on the user defined criteria

    facility to generate list of eligible candidates for transfers based on criteria

    Generation of inter seniority and seniority list

    Posting/ transfer of officers upon their promotions

    Maintenance of records for officers transferred out of parent state and officers to be transferred back to home state on completion of required tenure

    Maintenance of transfer records of specialist transfer identification of vacancies and issue of transfer orders based on the recommendations received from the respective specialist departments

    exemptions given in transfers

    Transfer orders cancelled/ deferred/ modified and follow up with the respective regional/ zonal offices for implementation

    Capture of details of officers on deputation to outside agencies like IBA etc.

    e-HR – LFC

    Different types of LFC depending upon the scales of the employee

    LFC register

    Provision to maintain all types of LFC

    Ability to maintain rules for LFC takes in terms of rules for availing LFC, enchasing LFC, enchasing PL, lapsing of LFC, ceilings for accumulation of LFC, rules for combination of LFC with PL encashment etc.

    Ability to record actual LFC taken

    Ability to calculate actual LFC balance at any point in time

    Link LFC management to employee history

    Provision to accounting of LFC including automatic credit of LFC and provision with manual credit/ modification/ cancellation etc.

    LFC availment process administration as per the statutes laid down by the government/ bank

    Support online application and approval of LFC

    e-HR – Medical claim

    • Claim management is a part of e-HR, employee can submit his/ her Reimbursement against medical, TA, DA, Newspaper, Mobile bill, Petrol etc. and send for approval and approving authority can approve/ reject the same. Thereafter, reports can be generated
      • Definition and maintenance of Claims details for different types of Claims depending upon the scale of the employee
      • Hospitalization Claim register, containing records of all types of Medical Aid/ Hospitalization Claim, employee-wise
      • Provision to maintain all types of Medical Aid/ Hospitalization Claim
      • Online application and approval of Claim

    e-HR – Assets & liabilities

    Capability to create Assets & Liabilities documents for employees as per the format provided by bank mainly contains Assets, Liabilities and any other form

    Ability to define descriptions for each parameter for Assets & Liabilities

    Facility for to save and confirm the detail as well as submit

    Facility to print the submitted data

    Ability to define the period for which Assets & Liabilities details is being carried out

    Capture Assets & Liabilities details as given by the authority

    Support maintenance of history of Assets & Liabilities details mentioned earlier

    Support memo letters/ mails/ workflows to be issued to the employee in case of non-submission of Assets & Liabilities

    Support view of earlier Assets & Liabilities details filled by user

    Data migration

    We have credential to migrate legacy system data to proposed new system including different format ranging from text files / report format to RDBMS (MySQL, Postgre, SQL server, Sybase and Oracle)

    We uses ETL process to migrate data from legacy system to new System


    1. User Defined Access Rights
    2. Authorization of every exceptional transactions
    3. Back-dated as well as online audit reports
    4. Terminal locking facility & Forced password changing
    5. Concept of maker & checker
    6. N tier user definable user types with entry and authorization limits
    7. NO deletion – deleted transactions shown in exceptional report


    Management Application Processing System

    iSys and mSys

    Internet & Mobile Banking

    • Customer Functionality :
    • Account summary / Account details / Detail & Mini Statement
    • Pull Money Request / Authorize Pull Request
    • Loan Repayment Schedule , Loan Interest certificate
    • FD Interest and TDS certificate
    • M-Passbook
    • Recharge Functionality (Mobile/DTH/Data Card)
    • Cheque Related (Request/ Enquiry/Stop Payment)
    • AADHAR Seeding
    • ATM Card Block
    • QR Code generation and Transact using QR Code
    • Fund Transfer (Intra Bank)
    • Fund transfer (Inter Bank : NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)
    • Account Open/Request
      • Term Deposit account open / Renewal / Payment request / TDS statement
      • Loan account
      • Online Remittance Creation
    • Service Gateway for Mobile Banking/Bill payment/other channels

    Agent Banking

    Agent Registration : Agent can be an organization or an individual

    Customer Acquisition and Other Services

    All kind of Account Opening

    Loan Enquiry to Application with documentation

    Other Services like Statement, AADHAR update etc.

    Self Transfer by Customer

    Same bank – Same Branch Transfer

    Same bank – Different branch Transfer

    Transfer to Other bank using IMPS/ NEFT / RTGS

    Transfer through Agent

    Sender deliver Cash to Agent

    Transfer of Cash to other agent if different location

    Fund transfer to Receiver Account or Cash

    cKyc: Centralized KYC Application

    Integrated with CBS to pick data

    Fulfil the GAP data which is to be sent to cKYC.

    Scanning of necessary data and link

    Uploading the customer data along with (POI, POA and Docs) to CERSAI

    Downloading the status of uploaded data

    Performing de-duplication on those data which are in probable match category at CERSAI and generating tow list to upload the same at CERSAI

    Feature to download KYC details (Individual and Bulk Format) from CERSAI

    Manual on field data collection teams

    Record Management and other solutions

    DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Scanning & Digitization of all kinds of old Records of various Government departments including revenue records, Commercial Taxes Department records, Administrative / HR Records, Records of National Importance, National Archival records, National Manuscripts, Medical records, Bank Loan Documents / Account opening forms / Bank records / vouchers, etc.

    INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Creation of state-of-the-art safe & secure Modern Revenue Record Rooms / General Record Rooms at State / District Headquarters for Efficient storage and management of valuable land and revenue records.

    Customised End to End Document Management Solutions / Record Management Solutions – Own Document Archival Centres besides creation & maintenance of onsite DACs for customers at their place.

    BANKING AUTOMATION – Self Servicing Kiosks for Bank Customers.

    SOLAR SOLUTIONS – Providing Solar Solutions to Banks for ATMs / Branches for 24*7 working.

    BPO OPERATIONS – NON VOICE: Backend Operations – Quality Data Processing services including OCR / ICR for BFSI Sector for UK / EU Based Clients – Onshore and Offshore and Legal Process Outsourcing.

    Printing of School Books and Ballot Papers (for Municipal / Panchayat Elections) and other security Papers


    Electronic Document Management Solutions is the technology used to Capture, Manage, Store, Preserve, and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

    An Electronic Document Management Solutions (EDMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.




    designer only developer

    Dedicated developer or designer

    Competitive Price

    Min 5 years experience

    Direct communication – Phone, Email, Skype

    Project management software


    blended - with Offshore Project Manager

    Dedicated developer or designer

    Competitive Price

    Min 5 years experience

    Direct communication – Phone, Email, Skype

    Project management software


    blended - with UK Project Manager

    Dedicated developer or designer

    Competitive Price

    Min 5 years experience

    Direct communication – Phone, Email, Skype

    Project management software


    Ad-hoc ‘Bucket’ Developer or Designer

    Dedicated developer or designer

    Competitive Price

    Min 5 years experience

    Direct communication – Phone, Email, Skype

    Project management software

    Onshore-Led Team

    Local PM
    Fully integrated & connected Team led by industry professional

    Experienced Project Manager

    Team can comprise of:
    (1)Technical Lead
    (2)Business Analyst
    (3)Front end Developer
    (4)Back end Developer
    (6)Quality Analyst

    Offshore-Led Team

    PM from India Development Centre
    India based Team providing competitive option with excellent skills & experience

    Experienced Project Manager

    Team can comprise of:
    (1)Technical Lead
    (2)Business Analyst
    (3)Front end Developer
    (4)Back end Developer
    (6)Quality Analyst

    Maintenance & Updates

    Ad-hoc ‘Bucket’ of hours on account

    Stockpile of development


    Low response times

    Flexible Service

    Cost effective support

    Regular maintenance