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DevOps Solutions & Offerings

Natural Group offers comprehensive DevOps solutions and services aimed at enhancing software delivery. Our services encompass continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure automation, monitoring, cloud migration, and security measures.

    Advantages of DevOps

    Why compromise between velocity and quality when you can attain both? DevOps parallels a high-performance sports car in software development – swift, efficient, and satisfying. Embrace DevOps and leverage these advantages for your enterprise:
    Streamlined Optimization
    Leveraging our robust infrastructure, we aid organizations in constructing optimal, secure, and highly available software solutions.
    Diligent Inspection
    Our software development involves meticulous attention to detail, allowing organizations to identify errors in early stages and provide effective mitigation.
    Uninterrupted Deployment
    Committed to our clients’ journey, we ensure consistent evaluations and enhancements to the software.
    Data-Driven Intelligence
    Our platforms are fortified with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, offering profound insights that empower the company.
    Continuous Innovation
    We constantly monitor emerging technologies to ensure that our DevOps services and solutions remain up-to-date. Partner with us for a competitive market edge.
    Enhanced Collaboration
    DevOps fosters a collaborative culture between development and operations teams, fostering improved communication and alignment of objectives.

    Framework for Enterprise DevOps Transformation

    Our distinctive design methodology is forged through experience and dedicated efforts to grasp your business objectives, ensuring the delivery of top-notch applications tailored to fulfill your requirements.

    Requirement Gathering and Planning

    The initial stages of DevOps involve gathering requirements and meticulous planning. Effective execution of these steps results in smoother development processes and ensures the successful delivery of top-notch software.

    Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration (CI) stands as a pivotal DevOps phase, automating the compilation and testing of code modifications from diverse developers. CI detects and resolves conflicts and bugs at an early stage, thereby facilitating the accelerated delivery of superior software. Tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or GitLab CI/CD are employed for CI, streamlining build, test, and deployment operations.
    Continuous Testing
    Continuous Testing (CT) automatically scrutinizes integrated code to guarantee quality and functionality pre-deployment, thereby minimizing the risk of production downtime or failures. CT employs tools such as Selenium, JUnit, or TestNG and can be seamlessly integrated into the CI/CD pipeline. This integration empowers teams to release software with increased swiftness and heightened confidence.
    Health Services

    Continuous Deployment

    Continuous Deployment (CD) entails the automated deployment of code changes into production environments subsequent to successful testing. CD obviates manual intervention and human errors, accelerating the introduction of new features and bug fixes. Improved time-to-market and customer satisfaction are inherent benefits of CD, fortifying software delivery’s reliability, efficiency, and adaptability.

    Monitoring and Feedback

    Monitoring entails the perpetual observation and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify and alert on anomalies or issues. This provides valuable feedback to development teams, driving continuous enhancements. Feedback loops enable consistent quality and functionality improvement through insights from customers, users, or automated systems.

    Continuous Improvement

    Ongoing enhancement is a cornerstone of DevOps, marked by refining and optimizing software delivery to boost efficiency, diminish errors, and enhance quality. This is achieved by analyzing processes, incorporating feedback, and embracing novel technologies and best practices. Essential practices encompass continuous integration and delivery, vigilant monitoring, regular performance, and security testing.

    DevOps Tools Stack

    A robust technological framework is vital within DevOps and signifies the amalgamation of tools and technologies employed for software product delivery. The DevOps technology stack encompasses:

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