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Cloud Solutions

Discover the Complete Cloud Solution from Natural Group, your one-stop shop for cloud computing. We provide end-to-end services, from infrastructure setup to application development, tailored to your needs. We assure easy integration and top performance thanks to our knowledge across cloud platforms. For your digital potential to be fully realized, trust our safe, dependable, and quality-driven solution.

    Comprehensive Cloud Development Services

    Unlock the full potential of cloud computing with our comprehensive range of services, covering infrastructure programming, seamless integration, migration expertise, custom optimization, application development, DevOps implementation, machine learning & AI, and robust security solutions.

    Powerful Partnerships Fueling Our Success

    Forging strong partnerships to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

    Victories We've Achieved Together

    Discover the outstanding accomplishments and Victories we've achieved in partnership with our clients by reading our enthralling success stories.

    ShadowRobot: AWS Robotics Success

    Discover the seamless integration of ShadowRobot’s expertise with AWS consulting for robotics. Together, we have achieved remarkable victories, leveraging the power of cloud computing to enhance robotics capabilities. Unlock unparalleled potential and elevate your robotic solutions with our collaborative success story.

    Pioneering Social Robot Backend

    Fueling innovation and revolutionizing human-robot interaction, our exceptional back-end development powers the world’s first social robot, delivering cutting-edge capabilities and immersive experiences.

    Comprehensive Software Development Solutions

    Unlocking limitless possibilities with our diverse range of software development services.

    Expert Development Team
    We provide cutting-edge solutions crafted to meet your specific needs, delivering the best results for your company.
    Streamlined DevOps Solutions
    Efficiently streamline your development and operations with our comprehensive DevOps solutions.
    Transforming Businesses Digitally
    Use our all-inclusive software development solutions to embrace the potential of digital transformation.

    Trusted Cloud Solution Partner for Your Business Success

    Utilize the cloud's potential with our tried-and-true solutions for successful business growth.

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    Customer Testimonials

    Learn from the insightful evaluations written by our loyal customers that showcase their interactions with our goods and services.

    This is to certify that Natural Group have successfully implemented ‘BancMate’ TBA Software in our more than one hundred branches which is developed and supplied.

    The Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Ltd

    Media-Featured Product Portfolio

    Explore our remarkable product lineup, which has been highlighted and published in reputable media.

    Unleashing Cloud Excellence By Choosing Natural

    Discover the unmatched benefits of choosing Natural Group as your dependable cloud solution provider.

    Cloud Professionalism Unleashed

    As we release greatness with our cutting-edge solutions, see the height of cloud professionalism. Make the Natural choice to take your company to new heights in the cloud.

    Cloud Excellence Unleashed

    With our extensive Full-Cycle Cloud Development Services, you can harness the potential of cloud computing. As we bring your ideas to life in the cloud, take advantage of our seamless scalability, agility, and efficiency.

    Track Record Unleashed

    Discover the unlocked potential of our successful track record as we provide cloud excellence. For a smooth route to your cloud-driven success, pick Natural.

    Empowering Businesses with Cutting-edge Cloud Technologies

    Utilize the power of cutting-edge cloud technology to build adaptable and scalable platforms that will help organizations succeed in the current era of digital transformation.

    node.js, .NET, C#, Java, Python, RoR, Apache, REST, SOAP
    CloudFormation, Lambda, IAM, EBS, EC2, MapReduce, Route 53, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, CloudHSM
    IAM, VPC, Cloud Pub/Sub, BigQuery, BigTable, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Stack Driver, Cloud SQL, App Engine
    Azure Queues, Azure App Service / Web Jobs, Azure Web / Worker Roles, Azure Service Bus, Azure Key Vault, Azure DevOps, vAzure Blockchain Workbench

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    Are you looking to hire skilled resources for your project? “Our software development teams are here to meet your bespoke requirements and tackle the challenges of today’s tech-savvy clients.
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    Are you a startup looking to go live ASAP? “Benefit from our extensive experience in working with startups, helping them scale and refining their business ideas to swiftly enter the market.