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Blockchain is a distributed ledger in a P2P network,Consider group of nodes trying to maintain a blockchain,Its like internet of trust and transparency.

    Establishing Identity is a common challenge

    A resident typically accesses multiple service providers, at different times

    re-establish ID =

    It is big problem for the poor

    Birth records

    Address proof

    Money to ‘beat’ the system

    UID Project

    To provide a unique number to all residents

    Collect basic demographic and biometric information

    Guarantee non-duplication through biometrics

    Offer online authentication services that can be used across multiple service

    This Unique ID should be authorized to avail all type of services

    Provide integrated system with existing Source systems (CBS, Treasury, CIS, HRM, LAPS, etc) and other applications.

    Process: Enrolment for Unique ID

    Customer fills up the opening form – Paper

    Provides Necessary Proof Supporting its Identity


    Proof of Identity

    Proof of address

    Biometric, IRIS etc.

    Enrolment data will be created and encrypted with a Public key of Organization

    Only Organization can decrypt the Data and process it for Unique ID generation

    De-Duplication will be done on first stage with Demographic Data

    If any Probable Match found then it will be marked as Manual Chek

    System will show all records which are matching with new Records came for UID generation User has to see all candidate details and confirm whether it is matched or no Matched

    Then on 2nd stage it will go to biometric de-Duplication

    In this stage all biometric data will be checked with existing biometric data

    Fraud check will be carried

    After successful check Unique ID will be generated

    Proposed Enrolment kit

    Item-wise description

    Laptop with enrolment client

    2nd monitor for live data verification by resident

    Camera for photo capture

    Iris scanner

    Fingerprint slap scanner

    Enrolment kit box

    Enrolment Planning

    Enrolment lanning –

    • Targeted enrolment nos.,
    • Locations to be covered and timelines for the same;
    • enrolment approach (phased, sweep etc);
    • include marginalized/vulnerable communities ;
    • Identify area of interest for UID-enabled applications
    • Prepare pilot programs for UID Enabled Services.
    Enrolment Agency Selection and On-boarding – UID empanelled agencies

    Enrolment Centre and Stations

    National Agency should also have enrolment centres only in and around their premises to ensure close supervision, else clear their enrolment plans with the State UID agencies

    Permanent enrolment centres

    Decide Number of Stations for Each Centre- machine deployment plan

    UID in blockchain

    Item-wise description

    For effective use of UID a consortium to access the blockchain needs to be formed

    The Block Chain can be owned by a Private Company or Regulator

    This data can be used by service providers and various organization and completely end use of Paper and multiple documentation

    UID authentication : Customer UID get verified by UID Application using either UID number and any one of modality


    Finger print


    Bank/Service provider can authenticate the Resident instantly thus cutting down on processing time and cost.

    It makes the process more secure

    The account and loan can be open in a very short time in a secure manner and the complete data is put in the block chain as explained earlier

    The Data users like Banks can directly become node and verify digitally

    Other service providers like Telecom operator , Insurance companies and public welfare organization will used System and get verified the unique ID given by resident for availing of service