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Agriculture Portal


    • Mmeans and reach to avail right inputs (soil, water, seed, fertilizers, machines and research data) to maximize their produce. ajority agriculture produce comes from small and marginal farmers, who do not have the
    • This portal aims at enabling stakeholders and increasing the value at all levels for them:
      • Farmers
      • Suppliers / Providers
      • Buyers
    • The major focus is pertaining to Project Plan, Agricultural Credit, Loans Management, Market Information, Agricultural Best Practices, On & Off Farm Enterprises and providing Products & Services for farming.
    • Agri Portal will play an important and vital role in agricultural production and marketing. This system allows farmers to save time on order and delivery and getting feedback. In the existing competition, there is a need to rapidly attract new customers as well as retain existing customers.
    • Agri Portal would help multi service provider to learn from the current business scenarios to conceive future processes, improved tracing and monitoring.
    • Increase the farmer Income by increase their yield and revenue through Agri Portal.

    Information Provider

    • A calibrated mix of information about land, crops, weather, fertilizer, pesticides, suppliers, market .
    • Giving top priority of knowledge and project plan to farmer for improve their yield.
    • Skill Development & Execution Plan.
    • Provide information about soil health, weather information and water testing, contract farming and credit facilitation.
    • Make your operational decisions more profitable.
    • Provide platform for contract farming companies.

    Service Provider

    • Supply Chain Management.
    • Provide the platform for supplier and service provider for quality agri input such as pre harvest service (pesticides, herbicides, water testing, seeds, tractor, man power, fertilizers)post harvest services(Thresher machine, tractor, man power, market price of agri outputs, crop buyers).
    • Providing Financial support as crop Insurance of the farmers in the event of crop failure
    • Maximize profits by increasing yields and saving on inputs.

    End to End Solution

    • Enables us to aggregate outputs for domestic and export bulk consumers of crops.
    • Provide knowledge about exportation his crop and what type of crop he can export in the market.
    • Post-harvest the solution provides functionality for farmers.
    • A platform for how, where to sell his crop.
    • Know the historical effects your crops.

    Increase Yield & Revenue of Farmers

    Farmer Pain Point

    Agri Portal plans to understand and ease farmer pain points


    • Education Access
    • Costly
    • Time consuming
    • Agri input Quality
    • Planning


    • Timely Information of weather, soil testing, Govt. schemes
    • Access to resource
    • Financing
    • Planning Assistance

    Growth & Maintenances

    • Lack of Labor
    • Yield Prediction
    • Disease Prevention
    • Irrigation
    • Crop Failure


    • Market Transparency
    • Middle Man Issues
    • No Storage Facility
    • Inaccessible Market
    • Market price of agri outputs

    Agri Portal Features

    • Agri Portal will helpful planning and maintaining the Loan Project Plan.
    • Project control, is a continuous process associate with the overall control of project.
    • Cost Sheet, that reflects the cost of the items and services required by a farmer in particular loan plan project.
    • Establish objective and define item, service & budget requirement.
    • Provide the Cash flow that when farmer want amount.
    • Provide the P&L that what will be total expenses and what will be expected income.
    • Activity allocation and monitoring accordingly .
    • All activity/task will be reviewed by Agent/Mentor.
    • Agri portal provide the facility in monitoring that loan amount should be use in only agriculture activities not in personal use as loan amount is not credited in farmer account it is credited in supplier account.
    • Agri Portal provide a platform for Suppliers and Crop Buyers where they can sell and buy the agri inputs/outputs.
    • Provide facility for Loan Plan review .
    • Powerful Reporting for project planning, control & monitoring.

    Work Flow

    Agri Portal User

    In Agri Portal there are different type of user as below:

    • Business Development Officer (BDO)
    • Mentor
    • Agent
    • Farmer
    • Suppliers
    • Crop buyers
    • Service Providers

    Portal Users Hierarchy

    Process : Mentor/AgriMate (Mitra) Roles

    Appointment of mentors. Mentor will identify & appoint the AgriMate (Mitra) will register farmers and capture the farmers personal details & land details for loan.
    Prepare the farmers detailed Project Plan\Cash Flow in which all goods and service providers will be identified based information available to the AgriMate (Mitra) from various Information Providers
    AgriMate (Mitra) will act as enabler for loans and insurance to farmers.
    AgriMate (Mitra) will undertake real-time monitoring & capture the activities and also ensure these activities and timely update the status in the project plan. It includes weather condition & crop disease. Provide timely to all stake holder to mitigate individual risk
    Mentor & AgriMate (Mitra) will get the commission on work done with farmers. Commission will be calculate amount wise or percentage on monthly basis, quarterly basis.

    Loan Plan

    Manage Orders to Supliers

    The application will create Purchase orders and send to various suppliers of goods and services.

    Supplier/Service Provider

    • Supplier will login on portal/app and:
      • Supplier can maintain his inventory on Portal/app.
      • Item/Services will be linked to supplier/service provider.
      • Suppliers will be linked to bank. The payment will directly to the supplier’s a/c.
      • Service provider will login and open the Service Template where they can broadcast the message.
      • Supplier can also see his project plan that which item has to deliver to which customer and when.
      • A notification will also send to supplier that a customer has raised a request of item with qty and date according to project plan
      • Suppliers can give credit to Farmers which will become part of the Project Plan itself.
      • At the time of delivering the item application will create sell invoice.
      • After delivering the item to farmer the amount will be credited in supplier a/c as per the credit limit period.


    • Buyer can offer pre-post purchase price of Agri- commodities.
    • Agent (mentors) can told the farmers about the prices of commodity prices.
    • Farmer can see the Agri-Commodities Prices and directly sell their crop to those buyers through Agent (mentors) by comparing the local market prices.
    • Sales can happen on-line on the Mandi
    • Buyer can offer pre-post purchase price of Agri- commodities.
    • Farmer can see the Agri-Commodities Prices and directly sell their crop to those buyers through Agent (mentors) by comparing the local market prices..
    • Market Price
      • When User select any crop he can see the rate of that crop given by different crop buyers

    Benefit to Farmer

    Get project plan prepared for loan, and other services in time causes efficiency in delivery of services.
    Availability of Credit Limits to farmers for different services.
    Availability fertilizers, pesticide’s & seeds at low cost.
    Timely available Services.
    Eliminate the Middle Men.
    Increase the farmer Income by increase their yield and revenue his knowledge through Agri Portal.
    Farmers gets the facility of insurance which provide protection to the notified crops.
    Farmers will receive timely information, information on weather conditions and crop diseases and can get advice on how to better deal with the issues, which they can also share with the community.
    Cold Storage / Warehouse’s available in low cost and on time.
    Get subsidy on time.
    End-results: Services and commodities on affordable price, within time and Increase Farmer Happiness.

    Benefit to Bank

    Proper utilization of Funds. Agricultural loans are used to purchase defined agro-inputs/ services avoiding diversion of funds
    Better business planning by farmers with more data and accurate projections through elimination of middle men.
    Increasing accuracy of the amount of credit required, and the probability of repayment, treating farmers as micro-entrepreneurs and analysing business risk as well as individual risk.
    Avoid duplication of securities for loans
    Eliminate or significantly reduce leakage at field level (over-leverage, fraud and corruption) by increased transparency across the board.
    Real-time monitoring of crops will enable the bank to mitigate risks or plan for the same increasing viability of their agricultural loan portfolio.
    End-results: better funds deployment, reduced default, better forecasting.


    Agent Dashboard: - Loan Request V/s Loan approval