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At Natural Group, we’re a pioneering software development company dedicated to empowering businesses in the digital era. With over two decades of industry experience, we provide cutting-edge technology services and customized software solutions. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs to deliver scalable, reliable, and efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements. Join us to unlock your organization’s full potential through digital transformation and experience the power of technology-driven success.

Natural Group of Companies have evolved from a deep commitment to meet the computing needs of today and tomorrow. We are in the business of providing solutions for the various verticals like Banking, Government and large corporates.

We specialize in Developing and implementing customized Enterprise Software Solutions for different sectors, Consulting, Distribution of software products, Systems Integration, and Data Processing.

Since its establishment in 1996, the group has built a strong reputation in the software industry through the integration of key elements. These include the utilization of dynamic human resources managed by technocrats, a steadfast commitment to producing high-quality products, and a deep-rooted emphasis on providing exceptional support and service.
This gave the company image credibility and general financial health parameters, while maintaining consistently high rank on products and range. As a result we built excellent installation base of wide variety of users in different segments of business market and emerged as one of the leading software developers in the country.

Why should you choose Natural Group?

Choosing Natural Group brings forth a multitude of advantages and benefits for our clients when they decide to outsource their projects to us. Beyond our unique blend of credentials, expertise, and technical knowledge, what truly sets us apart is the ATTITUDE of our personnel and their unwavering commitment to ensuring Customer Satisfaction. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results, making the decision to choose Natural Group an irresistible proposition for any discerning client.

Our Journey

In our journey, Natural Group has achieved several significant milestones that highlight our expertise and impact in the software development landscape. Firstly, we have excelled in developing a robust Bilingual/multi-lingual methodology, allowing our solutions to cater to diverse language requirements and enhance user experiences.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence was recognized by NASSCOM, as we were proudly rated among the top 100 innovators in 2007. This acknowledgment further solidifies our position as a trailblazer in the industry, consistently pushing boundaries and driving advancements.

One of our noteworthy achievements includes the successful marketing of BancMate by Punjab National Bank (PNB). This collaboration enabled us to leverage the reach and influence of PNB to introduce our BancMate core Banking System. The subsequent decision by PNB to upgrade BancMate demonstrates the trust and confidence placed in our solutions.

Over the years, we have expanded our reach and formed strategic partnerships. In 2006, PNB, Natural, and HCL joined forces to establish a subsidiary, aiming to revolutionize the industry. Although the subsidiary did not materialize as planned, it exemplifies our commitment to collaboration and pursuit of innovative avenues.

We take immense pride in the widespread adoption of BancMate across multiple banks. With rollouts in over 5000 bank branches, including public sector banks, regional rural banks, private banks, state and district cooperative banks, and foreign banks, we have achieved an unparalleled presence in the banking sector. In fact, BancMate holds the distinction of being the single largest installation of software in various sectors, including Punjab National Bank, PNB Regional Rural Banks, Bank of Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank.

To further our mission and continue our legacy, we restarted operations as NATURAL from 1st January’14, reaffirming our commitment to driving innovation, delivering exceptional solutions, and making a lasting impact in the software development realm.

Meet us

Natural Support Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (NSC) is a global IT services and software solutions organization providing world class solutions to various customers.
Rated as one of the top 100 innovators by NASSCOM. Co-developed products with top Indian bank. Created IPR’s and implemented products across Industries.
Over the last three decades, NSC has delivered hundreds of projects across different customers in Financial, Media and Enterprise sectors. With presence in Asia and North America, NSC’s customer centric approach has helped numerous organisations with quick software delivery by building a distributed delivery team.
Come and work with battle tested team of technical experts, who will help you convert your business ideas to working software products. NSC follows a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions and build robust and scalable software products.Read more…

NSCS Overview







Corporate Overview

A software development, sales &marketing organization.

Innovators : Created IPR’s and framework like eRupaya, CobaSys, Bilingual methodology etc.

Rated amongst the top 100 innovative companies by NASSCOM in 2007

Over 3 decades of experience of working in IT industry providing solutions and Project Management.

Experience of successfully handling large e-Gov., BFSI, Telecom, Defense, Infra projects

Specialize in Consulting, Distribution of software products, Systems Integration, customized B2B
and Enterprise Software Solutions and Data Processing

15,000 Man Month of Experience, Domain expertise of Core team spans across the verticals

Focused on Long-Term Customer Relationships with repeat business of over 85%


NSCS – Genesis

Natural Group was formed in the year 1995, with a vision to create Software Applications for the banking sector.

Under the Group , Natural Technologies (P) Ltd. (NTPL) was started immediately in the year 1995, with the focus to develop bilingual Total Branch Automation software for the Banking sector. BancMate, was very well accepted by the banking sector.

To meet Market requirements more efficiently, In 2005 Natural Management decided that there should be separate company for software support and development and thus Natural Support Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. was formed. NTPL now focused on marketing of the product while the Support and Development was handled by NSCSPL.

In 2008 NTPL was merged with HCL Infosystems Ltd. From 1st Jan.’14 NSCSPL restarted operations.

Our Objective :

To develop and implement a total quality software solution
To provide solutions to plan continual improvement in all areas

Punjab National Bank presentNatural

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India's First Bilingual Banking Software

Our Team

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Optimize your app for speed to drive more conversions in the world where every milisecond counts.
Validate your MVP, discover who your ideal customers are and find a problem-solution fit.
Release software fast and frequently, and quickly adapt to market changes.
Design a web app that fulfils your business goals and creates a meaningful experience for users.
Reduce the costs and time spent on managing and maintaining your business’ IT infrastructure.
Build a mobile app that grows as your business grows, depending on the demand.

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